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iScout at Sunset

About iScout

Buffalo Bill was a scout in his early career. You can be too with iScout!

As you tour the Center of the West's museums, scout out each stop with a 3-digit code. If you're not at the Center of the West at the moment, you can browse all of the stops here.

What will you find? An image? A blog post? A virtual gallery of similar objects? Explore!

A good scout reports their findings! Login using the icon in the upper right with Facebook, Google+, Twitter—or create a simple account. Then share what you discover on social media, make comments, up- or down-vote other scouts’ comments, and most of all, have fun!

Credits and Tech Notes

This software was made possible with almost zero budget thanks to the Center of the West staff and open source projects such as CakePHP and jQuery mobile. We are always working to improve it, feel free to leave us some feedback. If you're a developer or are interested in reproducing this for your own needs, check us out on GitHub.

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